Best Practices for Executive Protection

Executive Protection Professional pic
Executive Protection Professional pic
Executive Protection Professional

Retired NYPD detective Peter Liota has worked in the field of law enforcement and security for more than two decades, building expertise in areas like defensive driving, dignitary protection, and risk assessment techniques. Professionals such as Peter Liota, who currently works in executive protection with the SJC Group in New York, know best practices for protecting high-value clients.

To succeed in this field, an executive protection professional must be more than a simple bouncer or goon. While a strong physique can help in certain situations, members of this field are better served by situational awareness and a broad set of skills. Experience in fields such as defensive driving and first aid can keep situations from becoming problems, or mitigate the negative impact of a bad situation.

Demeanor is also essential for a good executive protector, as these professionals should not be an obtrusive presence in a client’s life. They should mirror the executives they serve to the greatest extent possible, as doing so will diminish the negative impact of security protection on personal dealings while still preserving safety.


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