Three First Aid Tips for Handling Severe Bleeding

Severe Bleeding pic
Severe Bleeding pic
Severe Bleeding

A law enforcement and security expert, Peter Liota leverages knowledge in protective operations to guard clients from harm. Peter Liota also possesses expertise in first aid procedures.

In cases of severe bleeding, use the following first aid tips to help you handle the situation as best as possible.

Apply a bandage and pressure.

With the exception of eye and displaced organ injuries, all other wounds involving severe bleeding should be covered with a sterile bandage, cloth, or gauze. Using the palm of your hand, press the wound firmly to stop the bleeding. If blood seeps through, add another layer of bandage or cloth and continue applying pressure.

Lay the injured down.

The most ideal place to lay a hurt person down is on a rug or blanket. The warmth of both keeps the body from losing heat. Use another object to also elevate the individual’s leg above the level of their heart. This will reduce symptoms of shock.

Avoid removing objects.

If a person has a large object inside their wound, do not attempt to remove it. A medical professional is the best person to handle the extraction. However, visible dirt or debris can be removed carefully.


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