Ethics Considerations for Clients in the Private Security Sector

Texas Education Agency
Texas Education Agency


An executive protection specialist for the SJC Group, Inc., headquartered in New York City, former United States Marine Peter Liota graduated from the New York Police Department Specialized Protective Security Training/Dignitary Protection Course. Peter Liota’s areas of specialty include private security.

Services for private security have expanded across industries, alongside the public security sector. As numerous companies crop up, offering private security services, potential clients may want to consider the ethical implications of such services. Many firms provide details regarding the ethical code to which they bind themselves, a useful tool for evaluating their credibility.

Perhaps a simple anecdote provided through the Texas Education Agency can best illuminate the potential pitfalls and ethical implications of security services. A video circulating the Internet that showed a woman who fell into a fountain at a mall because she was texting while she walked gained substantial popularity. As it turns out, this recording made it to the Internet because the security guards playing back the tape from the security camera in the video decided to upload it in what may be considered either an innocent amusement or a blatant breach of security ethics.

Granting any firm control over your private security gives them incredible power, if not always in such dramatic ways as in the above example. Think about these ramifications when choosing a private security firm. Take the time to evaluate their professional code of ethics, and consider comparing it to ethics upheld by international organizations.


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