What to Look For in an Executive Protection Professional

Executive Protection Professional pic
Executive Protection Professional pic
Executive Protection Professional
Image: bodyguardcareers.com

A former United States Marine and New York City detective, Peter Liota serves as an executive protection specialist with SJC Group in New York City. In this capacity, Peter Liota has provided personal protection for clients ranging from celebrities and corporate executives to world leaders and foreign dignitaries.

When choosing an executive protection professional, it is important to consider the background of all candidates. An executive protection professional must have some type of experience in the military or police force, which require many of the same skills and instincts. Executive protection professionals must also display good writing and communication skills, as well as effective “customer service” skills. Without these interpersonal skills, an executive protection professional may fail to gain necessary information or defuse a volatile situation.

In physical terms, an executive protection professional should maintain a high level of physical fitness and overall health. Because many executive protections professionals carry a firearm as part of their job duties, the ability to safely handle a firearm is paramount. In many cases, martial arts skills can resolve a situation more safely and effectively than a firearm. For this reason, executive protection professionals should be proficient in some type of hand-to-hand combat.


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