Beacons of the Police Athletic League


Police Athletic League pic
Police Athletic League

With over two decades of experience in the private security sector, Peter Liota serves as an executive protection specialist for SJC Group, Inc., in New York City. Outside of his professional duties, Peter Liota volunteers with the Police Athletic League.

Founded by Captain John Sweeney and Police Commissioner Arthur Woods, the Police Athletic League (PAL) exists as a means for police officers in New York City to help children in the local community. Now the largest non-profit independent youth development organization in the city, PAL operates a diverse range of programs for children and adolescents.

PAL’s Beacons program serves children in Brooklyn. These Beacons consist of community centers attached to a school to provide enrichment activities after school, on the weekends, and in the summer. They focus on five key areas: academic enhancement, art and culture, career preparation, developing life skills, and recreation. All activities follow regulations of the New York State School Age Child Care Act and are free of cost.

For more information about PAL, the Beacons program, and other outreach opportunities, visit


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