Ex-Marines Help Staff the Growing Close Protection Industry

Close protection specialists, more colloquially known as bodyguards, were once seen as only serving heads of state and celebrities, but they have been in increasing demand recently by others. For instance, the mega-rich have grown increasingly fearful of attacks during the economic downturn, and persons with means in unstable regions, such as the Middle East during the Arab Spring, have sought close protection specialists to help secure any extra safety possible. Companies such as the SJC Group in New York City have stepped up to supply the increasing demand for close protection specialists, often with ex-military personnel who have ideal backgrounds to fill the role.

Ex-marines are one type of ex-military personnel that have filled the ranks of close protection specialists. For instance, the SJC Group employs former Marine Peter Liota, who provides security services to the company’s corporate clients as well as to world leaders, foreign dignitaries, and celebrity clients. Although Peter Liota’s ex-marine credentials would be enough to recommend for the job, he has also served as a decorated detective in the New York Police Department and has a bachelor of science in criminal justice.


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